After a full day exploring and wandering around Vegas, I’ve come to a conclusion. You must let go of reality, “normality” and such things. Things here are bigger, brighter and larger than they need to be. To have a good time, you need to let go of everything… taste especially and just enjoy it for what it is: a huge fun-park for adults. It is a city where everything has a price and everything is for sale. It is wrong on every conceiveable level and then some!

A day of exploration led into a night that promised a lot. We started by go to see the new Cirque du Soleil production called ‘Love’, in conjunction with the Beatles. (One of SIX different CdS productions showing). It was absolutely amazing. (A review may follow, if I ever get around to it). We left the Mirage casino to join the throng of poeple on the ‘Strip’. With the ‘Strip’ closed, you were free to walk down the street as you pleased. As we made our way back to our hotel, the Luxor, people did what people do on new years. However, there was one small exception. Unlike other cities that ban alcohol on such events, in Las Vegas you are free to wonder about with your drink as you please. Be it your two litre jug of beer, or two foot high Eifell Tower margharita. I kid you not!

The fireworks were a little disappointing. Both the Princess and I thought they would put on a better show… but with the hotel pumping us full of champagne in the ‘VIP’ area it kind of made up for it. Our night ended rather tamely, and early. Jet lag, and an ever increasing apathy to NYE kind of has that effect!