Greetings from the United States. I’m off on a quick lap around the world over the next five weeks or so. Currently, the Princess and I are located in ‘Sin City’ – Las Vegas! After a three hour delay, we finally boarded our plane in Melbourne bound for LA. Faulty air-conditioning units we were told. Go QANTAS… you guy’s rock! What seemed like a week later, we finally arrived at LAX… already late for our connecting flight to Las Vegas. At least QANTAS was able to organise new flights, so we didn’t miss a beat in transit.

Now, if you haven’t visited LAX (especially since 2001), then I probably can’t accurately describe it for you. It has to be experienced. It is without doubt the maddest airport in the world. The queue through customs is a nightmare. You get to the end, and like a common criminal you are photographed and fingerprinted! Now, I know I have said that I would never visit the States as long as such measures are in place… but let’s face it, they’ll only ever get worse. And don’t kid yourself… American’s are’t funny and they don’t get sarcasim. Customs is not the place to play funny guy. I have absolutely no desire to visit Guantanamo Bay, or be on the end of a procto-rectal examination! And a little cultural note… what’s with the pictures of Dubya everywhere? Bizarre! Reminded me of the way Saddam or Mao stuck pictures of themselves up everywhere.

Anyway, once you get through customs, you get to experience the airport… guys invest in a can of paint or two! That done, we got to experience the domestic terminal… much of the same as above, only now I’m shoeless! I finally get my shoes back, but not my bottle of water, and we board our flight to Vegas. The landscape is very inhospitable, being a desert and all. It’s spectacular in a barren kind of way. Then, amongst all the valleys, mountains and desert… a city, literally in the middle of nowhere.

Our first introduction to Vegas was the airport. As you leave the airbridge and head into the airport, not TEN steps off the bridge… POKIES. Welcome to Sin City. After catching a shuttle to our hotel, we arrive in front of a huge pyramid with a massive Sphinx in front. Home for the next few days. The Princess has arrived at her Mecca… and I’m wondering what I’ve gotten myself into. Things have taken a turn to the surreal!