Found this interesting nugget, via Bharath Kumar, who as an interesting aside, designed the code for the theme this blog uses. An even more interesting aside… he lives in Richmond, Melbourne. Lives in the same city! How small is the world? (For those playing at home, surface area is 510,065,600 km²). Now whether or not this is a PhotoShop mock up, I cannot be sure. An iPod phone, quite possibly with touch screen technology. The rumour mill, as always, is in full swing about this one.

The New iPod Phone?

According to Apple Insider, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been talking up the a new iPod Phone in recent weeks. The article quotes a source who states that the phone is indeed set to launch “earlier than some people may be expecting, in the form of a ‘big bang’ introduction that will catch even some insiders off-guard.” Other iPod rumours include the supposed launch of a touch screen iPod video. As someone suffering from iPod withdrawl, these prospects may delay my re-entry back into iPod ownership. Must have the latest gadgets afterall. Failing that… can always borrow the girlfriends!

For a full history on the iPhone, check out the Mac Rumours guide.

Picture can be found here, while Bharath’s FlickR page is here.