As most readers will know, I’m involved with the crew over at BEEZHOUSE. As part of my regular routine with the blog, I was checking our incoming links to the site. For the most part, it was all our usual suspects. I did however come across an interesting new addition. A link from the guys at All Coffee Recipes. (Bear with me… this is going somewhere). Since one of the crew had just posted a story about coffee, I was immediately intrigued. (Cheap plug… BGE’s post available here). These guys have a cool little sidebar feature that lists the latest posts for “coffee” on their sidebar from the Technorati search engine. Following the link, I came across our little post. Now as part as their latest upgrade, Technorati have added a feature that shows the gravatar of authors that have recently posted with a particular tag; in this case, coffee. Down the bottom of the group was my familar icon. However, it was the icon above it that caught my attention. Set against the New York skyline, was a picture a woman in a Supergirl costume. I clicked on the icon, leading to the details for a blog called ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Having read (and enjoyed) Ayn Rand’s novel of the same title, I was intrigued. A lot of political type tags had me even more intrigued. So… I entered the world of Atlas Shrugged!

Apparently, all is not what it seems in the Middle East. We’ve all been following what has been happening in the Middle East over the past few weeks. I know in my circle it has caused some heated debates. It seems little Ms Atlas is also quite fired up by it all, as she attempts to save Western Civilisation single handedly. Thankfully, she’s wearing that Supergirl costume… so we’re in safe hands!

On little Ms Atlas’ blog, I came across some interesting factiods. Now apparently UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is “a jew hater”.

Kofi accusing Israel of deliberate murder shows what a Jew hater he really is.

(As an aside, all murder is deliberate. The pre-mediation is what makes it, by definition, murder. Secondly, we know that the state of Israel would never “deliberately murder” someone. Just ask Ahmed Bouchiki). The above quote comes from a post entitled “Jew Hater Kofi: STFU“. Now, here’s a little tip for little Ms Atlas. When making a point, don’t link to a site that contradicts what you are saying. But wait, I guess the guys and girls at The Jerusalem Post are Jew haters too. Just to clarify, the linked article (see here), says:

The IDF expressed its sincere regret on Wednesday and admitted to accidentally firing a missile and striking a UN base inside southern Lebanon and killing four UNTSO soldiers. A high-ranking source in the Northern Command confirmed that the IAF had mistakenly fired on the UN building but rejected claims by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan that the strike on the observers was “intentional.” “We made a mistake in identifying the target and thought it was a Hizbullah outpost,” the officer said, claiming that over the next few days the IDF would conduct an extensive probe into the incident, following which OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Udi Adam would write a letter of apology to Annan.

Even if we accept that the strike was intentional, the IDF screwed up big time. It’s not like the UN observers called the IDF 10 times before the building was hit. Oh, wait. They did. The Australian reported that “the peacekeepers were told during each of the calls that the bombing would cease, but they were then hit by a precision-guided missile”. A precision guided missle that “accidently” hit the UN building. But hey, can you trust the reporters at The Australian? We’ll come back to that little nugget later! (BTW, There was no mention of the ambulance attack though… funny that).

As interesting as all that is, the thing that really caught my attention was a post about little Ms Atlas’ visit to Jerusalem. First, the lament about not having access to FOX. Oh dear! How uncivilised! Apparently, it seems that unlike in Woody Allen’s movies, there are some Jews who are not part of the left wing, liberal intelligentsia. Now, as we know, FOX is part of the News Corp family, owners and publishers of, you guessed it! The Australian. Ouch! Apparently CNN is verboten… again… Jew Haters apparently. The thing that really caught my attention was this:

Hezbollywood? Evidence mounts that Qana collapse and deaths were staged

Excuse me? Qana was the site of an Israeli strike that killed upto sixty people, the majority of them children. It was also the site of another Israeli bombing in 1996, that killed over 100 refugees. (For a full report, check out the BBC history on Qana, here). Now according to Sweetness and Light, the whole incident was staged by Hezbollah. The right wing conspiracy nuts are running wild! So far, hundreds of Lebanese and Israeli’s have been needlessly killed or injured. Israel’s military operation against Hezbollah began as a reply to the capture of two Israeli soldiers by the Lebanese militia on 12 July.

I wonder what little Ms Atlas would say about Amir Pasteur. Amir is a 32 year old university student and soldier sitting in jail in Israel. Why? He’d rather go to military prison than contribute to a war he doesn’t believe in. Amir Pasteur is the first Israeli reserve soldier to refuse to serve in this conflict. The Israeli government continues to call up more reservists and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said there’s no prospect of a ceasefire in the coming days. He says the fighting will only end when Hezbollah is no longer a threat. Keep in mind that the Atlas Shrugged website has sidebars littered with sites and material promoting democracy: the free expression of choice and speech. Try and reconcile that one…

To hear more about the story of Amir Pasteur, check out the Triple J website for a free podcast of their article about the “Israeli Refusenik“. For Americans who do not wish to fight in illegal and immoral wars, check out this link, from Michael Moore, with details about how to register as a Conscientious Objector.

Atlas Shrugged can be found here.

Sweetness and Light’s article about the staging of the Qana strike can be found here. Click here to read the NY Times version of events of the Qana airstrike.

Who are the Middle East prisioners? Check out this informing piece by the BBC.

If it’s all too much, then check out the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Hang on… he must be one of those Jews who hates Jews. It’s tough trying to save the world. I don’t know how little Ms Atlas does it!