On May 25th 2006, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave an address to graduates of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.

Here is an extract from his address:

Today, we are seeing hundreds of years of scientific discovery being challenged by people who simply disregard facts that don’t happen to agree with their agendas. Some call it “pseudo-science,” others call it “faith-based science,” but when you notice where this negligence tends to take place, you might as well call it “political science.”

You can see “political science” at work when it comes to global warming. Despite near unanimity in the science community there’s now a movement – driven by ideology and short-term economics – to ignore the evidence and discredit the reality of climate change…

And it boggles the mind that nearly two centuries after Darwin, and 80 years after John Scopes was put on trial, this country is still debating the validity of evolution. In Kansas, Mississippi, and elsewhere, school districts are now proposing to teach “intelligent design” – which is really just creationism by another name – in science classes alongside evolution. Think about it! This not only devalues science, it cheapens theology. As well as condemning these students to an inferior education, it ultimately hurts their professional opportunities.

Hopkins’ motto is Veritas vos liberabit – “the truth shall set you free” – not that “you shall be free to set the truth!” I’ve always wondered which science those legislators who create their own truths pick when their families need life-saving medical treatment.

I was going to write up a big rant on this one, but to be truthful, I can’t be bothered. I agree with what Mayor Bloomberg is saying. I probably can’t say it any better, and therefore I’m not going to bother. I believe in the Big Bang and evolution. Full Stop. If I want to read or hear about fairy tales, I’ll read something by the Brothers Grimm!

To see the full text of Mayor Bloomberg’s speech, click here.

This one comes from Things I’ve Seen, which is kind of ironic, given it’s a faith based blog…