The past couple of weeks have seen the posts dry up here at Idle Thoughts. The FIFA World Cup has been the focus of my attention for the last couple of weeks. Due to the time difference between Germany and Australia, all the games are being played very early in the morning. Or very late! Hence, I’ve been surviving on three or four hours sleep per night. Throw in some alcohol… well… you get the picture. Apparently, I get a little grumpy when I’m hungover and tired!

Anyway, the Aussies were knocked out by the Italians in the second round. Enough has been written and said about the subject, so I’ll keep it brief. In short, WE WERE ROBBED! That said, at this level you need to take your chances, and the Aussies failed to do that. They outplayed every team they played… Japan, Croatia, Italy and Brasil. Against second tier teams like Japan and Croatia, you can (and we did) get away with this. However, Brasil punished us for failing to take our chances, and the same thing essentially happened against Italy. All in all, the team may well look back on this as a missed oppurtunity.

The Australians may be out, but the tournament continues. The quarters start tonight, with Germany playing the Argentinians. Kick off is 1am local time… the second game at 5am. Guess this is going to be another night without sleep! Thank God this only happens every four years!