The DayDreamer and family regretfully announce the death of its iPod. After a long struggle, the iPod finally went to its final resting place on Wednesday evening. Cause of death was a faulty heart…

Indeed, on Wednesday night, the hard drive of my iPod shat it itself… for good. Most conveniently for Apple, eight days… EIGHT FUCKING DAYS… after my warranty ran out. Now while Oz, may see the funny side of this, I sure as hell don’t. I loved that thing. It never left my side. I thought that I couldn’t live without it. Irrational, of course, but these things always are! Most disturblingly though… I’m left to listen to Oz’s questionable music in the cafe… over and over and over and over and over again! Man, I fucking hate disco!

Now I know that this is not a unique problem. It was something that I was well and truly aware of. (Do a Google search for “hard drive problems ipod”… 15 million plus results). Never the less, I’m still annoyed. Don’t let the solid construction fool you… a hard drive sits inside, a delicate computer part. Now my iPod took a pounding. It got dropped more than once, bounced around the inside of my car, and therefore developed a few scratches as well as one or two tiny dents! Apparently Apple frowns upon this, but drop it in the bath, and they’ll replace your wet iPod with a new one! Go figure! As for getting Apple to fix my iPod… its cheaper to go out and but a new one… nice! So I’m left with a choice… upgrade from my gen three to a video, or do I try to replace the hard drive myself? Decisions, decisions! Has this experience lessened my opinion of Apple and the iPod? To be honest, not really. I knew the hazards going in, although a twelve month product life… hmmmm. Stupid bloody brand loyalty!

At the moment I’m more concerned about the allegations of poor labor conditions at China iPod factory. According to The Age, allegations have been made that workers at an unnamed iPod factory were paid as little as 27 British pounds (US$50; euro40) a month to work 15-hour shifts making the devices. Read the article here.

If you choose to replace either the battery or hard drive on your iPod yourself, then check out this blog by Josh Highland. Very detailed instructions on how to do so… just remember, as soon as you open the case, you have voided your warranty.