Well, it finally happened. (Seems to be happening a lot lately… what the hell is going on!) After years of avoiding Dan Brown’s pulp novel The DaVinci Code something amazing happened. A copy of my very own sits by my bed waiting for me to begin reading. Now, I know that I lot of you may be picking yourselves up from the floor right now going WTF? I had rebelled against reading it for a long, long time. Why? I guess I was rebelling against the popularity… a turn off my little world. That and the sneaking suspicision the book wasn’t actually all it was hyped up to be. Couple with the fact the book was being passed off as psuedo history. The current degree I’m doing originally began with me doing a history major, before I switched over to politics. However, I still have a great love for history and am very protective of it. This may be more the fault of the mass media than Dan Brown, but hey! I never said that this was logical! I am afterall, a mass of contradictions.

So after all that, how did I end up with a copy sitting by my bed waiting to be read? (That rhymes!) You see, the DayDreamer met a girl. It is amazing what the lure of sex will make one do. To cut a long story short, I somewhat foolishly agreed to read the book if she bought me a copy. One business trip to New Zealand later, and hey presto! A duty-free copy of The DaVinci Code to call my own. Has this opened a can of worms? You better believe it! Now everybody is telling about some other piece of gob-shitethat Brown has written. “You’ll love it” they all say. “It’s much better than The DaVinci Code”. Pigs arse! It left some of my friends impressed though, that somehad had finally gotten me to actually read it. Will I enjoy the book? The real question is… will I admit it even if I do? Not bloody likely! I’ve joked about a ceremonial book burning once I’ve finished, but I doubt that will happen. However once I’m done, Fi, you know that means we have to play monopoly!

If the hype of The DaVinci Code is all getting too much… then check the DaVinci Cup from the guys behind Pizza. Pauly seeks out the secret Circle Society and conspricacy behind DaVinci’s code and the rigging of the World Cup. Worth watching just for the sexy medieval chicks. According to AnnMaree Bellman from The Age, “it’s no less ridiculous than Dan Brown’s book, and there is more spontaniety (and gratuitous orgies)”. Very funny! Airs Monday nights on SBS in the lead-up to the FIFA World Cup 2006.