Well, it finally happened. Barry Bonds broke out of his slump, and against the Oakland A’s tied Babe Ruth on 714 home runs, for equal second place the career alltime list. A second innings drive ended in the elevated stands in right-center to end a nine game homer-less streak. The ball was caught by nineteen year old Tyler Synder, who later responded, “I hate that guy”.

Now before you all get to carried away it was only for second place on the alltime list. Yes, that’s right… for second place! When asked to respond on the feat, Altanta Braves manager Booby Cox said:

“Our reaction in the clubhouse has always been, that record’s already been broken. Hank [Aaron] broke it. That’s the big one. What’s the big deal?”

As I have previously posted, there is overwhelming evidence that Barry Bonds knowingly took performance enhancing drugs. A grand jury is convening to decide whether he should be charged with perjury (over lying to another grand jury investigating BALCO). As Slam! Sports correctly comment, Bonds didn’t create or allow the drug culture that ran rife in MLB (where are you Bud Selig?). However, he continues to take advantage of it… without the juice, he wouldn’t be close to 714 HR’s. He’s a cheat, pure and simple. And what does Barry have to say in his own defence:

At that news conference [May 7th, 2006], a reporter asked Bonds why he never legally challenged anybody on the first or even any charge that he used steroids. Bonds, slightly piqued, said, “Are we having a steroid conversation or baseball?” while a Giants staffer to the side of him reflexively added, “Keep it to baseball, guys.” Right. With Bonds, the elephant never leaves the room. Steve Howe took the cocaine association to his grave. Pete Rose will do the same with gambling. Bonds will do the same with steroids. (Reported by Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci).

To the apologists (yes, you Evan and Ben!), it’s time to stop burying your head in the sand. And as for “I’m too much of a fucking coward to put my name to my posts”, this hatred has nothing to do with race. Bonds is a CHEAT. End of story. Your reverse racism (yes, I just called you a racist) is a pathetic attempt to divert attention from my above point. Bonds is a selfish SOB and a cheat, and that’s why his chase is been ridiculed… not because he is black.

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You may also want to check out a post by Sara here. Am not quite sure about the validity of it, but very funny anyway. It tells the story of a dying nine year old boy and his request to the Make A Wish Foundation. Danny Wickman of Ames, Iowa, reportedly hates Bonds and wants nothing more than to see him in debilitating pain. His request: ‘that they punch slugger Barry Bonds in the nuts, repeatedly”. Pretty much somes up the whole affair!