The Artist: Something For Kate
Date: 16th May, 2006
Venue: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

Melbourne band Something For Kate comprises of Paul Dempsey (guitar, vocals and songwriter), drummer Clint Hyndman (drums) and Stephanie Ashworth (bass).

In the scheme of things, Something For Kate (or SFK to their fans) do not have the largest of followings. Despite an Australian number one album with Echolalia and a reputation as one of this countries great live acts, they have been unable (or unwilling) to maintain a grasp on the nation’s collective consciousness. One could make a comparison between SFK and You Am I (great Australian bands unable to win widespread public acclaim)… very much in contrast to the public success of Powderfinger for instance. This lack of “success” may not a bad thing in retrospect! Anyway… I was really looking forward to finally seeing SFK live again. It had been too long. The hardcore nature of SFK’s fan base means that those who are slow to grab tickets miss out. That coupled with the relatively small nature of the venues they frequent, ie: the Corner and the POW only enforces this. This time though, we were quick off the mark and snagged ourselves a couple of tickets.

The gig was a warm-up for the upcoming ‘Sci Fi Sunsets’ tour that SFK are about to launch in conjunction with a new album, Desert Lights, to be released on July 1st. The Northcote Social Club is a small intimate venue that holds only some 350-400 people. (As an aside, it is owned by the same guys who own the Corner Hotel). By the time the band came on, the venue was packed. The crowd was in a mellow mood for the show… it was a Tuesday night afterall! This upset some of the more hardcore fans, who at various times urged us too much their enthusiasm. This did lead however to a couple of funny moments between Dempsey and the crowd. The set list covered in the main, either early or new material. There was a noticeable absence of material from Echolalia and the Official Fiction. The set list ran as:

Hawaiian Robots
Oh, Kamikaze
Big Screen TV
Cigarettes and Suitcases (New Single)
Before Butterfly’s Wings
Down the Garden Path (new song set to appear on ‘Desert Lights’)
You Only Hide (Paul on piano)
Back to You (solo Paul on piano)
Born to Run (solo Paul on guitar)
Like Bankrobbers
De Ja Vu

The Astronaut
Killing Moon

Highlights for me included ‘Down The Garden Path’, a fantastic new song set to appear on the new album, as well as ‘Killing Moon’, an Echo and the Bunnymen cover that is a B-Side on the current single, ‘Cigarettes and Suitcases’. The band were in good form for the gig. Paul Dempsey sounded amazing. The rust was however evident in a couple of places. Most notable of these was when Paul forgot the words in the final verse of his cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run’. The band also suffered from a couple of sound issues. It would be interesting to see them in a couple of weeks when they are more polished and ‘have their shit together’. That said, it was a good night.

Set list lifted from Say Something, a SFK Forum.