Mark it down people… May 4th, 2006. The launch date of BEEZHOUSE. It is going to revolutionise blogging. Mark my words! With my involvement… success is guarenteed. (I’m feeling rather modest today). The aim of BEEZHOUSE is laid out in its Manifesto:

The beezhouse is a collective prism of scattered thoughts, possibilities, ideas, and a global view of the chaos that is life. We want to share all the beautiful nonsense of the world with anyone interested in reading. We want to create communication between strangers and ultimately make worlds collide. We want to foster keen observation by letting our collectiveness wander, experiment, feel, go farther, and wider to ask the questions that takes simple insight to community application.

Check it out, I think you’ll enjoy the experience. And don’t forget, the Blogging experience, for both us as bloggers and you as a viewer, is increased with involvement. Comment, make opinions, be passionate. GET INVOLVED!