Check out Nerds FC… it is a reality show starting on SBS TV on Good Friday. As the name suggests, the team is group of nerds. My God… these guys are terrible. The premise is that former Socceroo Andy Harper will try and turn these guys into decent footballers. The finale will be a showdown between the Nerds and a team of Sydney professionals. Also have a look at the promo video they made to go along with the Nerds FC theme (complete with a trashy Euro disco beat.) It’ll show how bad they are! It also includes some classic lines such as “We’re Nerds FC/ Could we beat a team of girls / We’ll have to wait and see! Should be classic TV.

(Update 26/03: The video of the Nerds FC music clip is now available as a free download on iTunes (Australia). Weekly podcasts will begin on March 31!)