In a previous entry, I made a comment alluding to Barry Bonds and the accusations levelled against him regarding the use of illegal peformance enhancing drugs. Well, the shits hit the fan now. Sports Illustrated releases a blow by blow account of Bonds activities and his drug use. (Read the article here). Red Sox pitcher David Wells had this to say about the situation (sourced from Deadspin, via the Hartford Courant).

“(Barry Bonds should) be a man and come out and say that he did [use steroids]. Don’t hide behind the uniform. Don’t hide behind the players association. If you’re guilty and you got caught, come clean. I think he’d get a lot more respect from people than lying. Unknowingly took ‘roids?… That’s a joke.”

And what is Bud Selig and MLB doing in response? Nothing. Nada. Bubcus! The calls for Selig’s resignation have already begun. No suprise to see that… yep, you guessed it… David Wells was leading the charge against Selig to resign.

“Bud Selig needs to resign. That’s what he needs to do. He needs to resign and bring someone in who’s capable of communicating with the players association and the owners, as well as the players, because there’s so much hatred against Bud right now. It’s a joke. Nobody likes him. [Selig] worries about what people say about him and he Googles himself. I’m sure he’s going to Google [his name] tomorrow and say, ‘Oh, there’s Dave talking about me.’ You know what? Be a man of your words. He’s ducked me for two years.”

Pressure is mounting on Selig and MLB to take action. Only time will tell if they do. As for Bonds, at the end of the day, he is a cheat and should be booted out of the game. There is a seat next to Pete Rose and Black Sox waiting for you Barry.