The Artist: Ian Brown
Date: 8th January, 2006
Venue: The Forum, Melbourne

Ian Brown

Ian Brown has a repuatation that proceeds him. As the frontman for the seminal British group The Stone Roses, he was at the forefront of the ‘Madchester’ scene in the late 80′s that dominated music thoughout Britain. However, drinks and drugs helped to bring and end to the group after only two albums. After spending some time at Her Majesties pleasure, the broke Brown set about on a solo career. Despite a number of very well received albums, constroversy still managed to plague the star. One show in San Francisco saw the singer arrested following a brawl on the stage half through his set! (Read NME’s Review here).

With all this in mind, I headed to the show with a great sense of excitement. A large contingent of Brits was on hand to witness the show, which helped create an excellent atmosphere almost like at the football (but without the boorish hooligans!) No support act… Brown just blasted straight out. The set opened with Golden Gaze, and proceeded to cover both the hits from his solo work and that of the Stone Roses. Solo songs included Lonsight M13, Forever And A Day, Keep What You Got and Set My Baby Free. Roses classics included Elizabeth, My Dear, I Wanna Be Adored and Made of Stone. However, the biggest cheers of the night were saved for the first encore which included F.E.A.R. and Waterfall. The man put on a show, that’s for sure. You also see who inspired Liam Gallagher’s act, but he is alas, a poor imitation. Brown enthralled the crowd, and by the time he closed with a cover of the Pistols’ Submission, most agreed they had witnessed some special. It’s definitely a gig that will live long in my memory!