Well, the blog is up and running. This is my first attempt at a blog and my first post… it will definitely be a work in progress. I’m not sure what direction the site will take, but hopefully it will evolve into something useful in the coming months and years. The site will be a forum for me to discuss issues that are of an interest to me, and hopefully others. (Discuss… rant… vent… it’s all the same thing essentially!) I hope to get a photo gallery and other such things up in the not to distant future. Since I’m on holidays from Uni until March, I really have no excuses. Alas, I’m sure I’ll end up spending many days (and nights) frequenting the pubs, bars and cafes of Melbourne and the Surf Coast. The end result of all that is that I may end up not achieving very much! Time will tell. Cheers, Daniel.

Update: Image: ToastyTreat CC BY-NC-ND 2.0